Urban Sanctuary

Once a traditional home built in the 1940’s, the new design transformed this space into a modern masterpiece with flush detailing, custom woodwork, and consistent reveals making seamless transitions between like and unlike materials. The home takes advantage of the space by incorporating two roof decks, penthouse views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and natural light throughout, including a 20’+ window that spans from the main floor to the second floor. The envelope was also transformed to make a statement with an arrangement of blocklike volumes centered around a patinated bronze-clad front door. Exposed concrete and Accoya siding flank the exterior which creates an intriguing chiaroscuro effect – accenting light and darkness. To accomplish the new layout and size, the existing structure was hydraulically shored for hard rock excavation adding a new basement below. The space is filled with custom cabinetry and doors that carry a beautifully crafted ceruse finish. The stone door portals compliment the natural color palette as a rich textured material. The remodel includes a water feature with stone-clad walls, an elevator, PV solar panels, an integrated lighting system, and a 1,200-bottle wine room.

Size | 6,500 SF

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