Enduring buildings, lasting relationships.

Founded by Dan Matarozzi and Dan Pelsinger in 1986, Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders specializes in all aspects of custom building from historical renovations, remodels, and retrofitting to unique ground-up projects. We are particularly known for our work in modern architecture.

Our standard of teamwork, warranty service, and proactive project management is unmatched in the building industry. The results are decades of great relationships with clients and architects, and hundreds of quality projects completed on time and on budget.

Dan Matarozzi and Dan Pelsinger in Wyoming.


Construction services from idea through occupancy.


We are frequently invited to join the project team during the design phase. This allows us to work closely with the client and architect to develop a preliminary construction schedule and budget estimate. Early input from our staff and trusted subcontractors can offer invaluable insight into the cost and feasibility associated with key scopes of work.

Construction Services

With permit in hand, construction gets underway immediately. Our full-time superintendent will layout the work and direct all subcontractor and self-perform labor on site. Back at the office, our project manager will control the relationship between the contract budget and the schedule. As the communications hub for the project, the project manager will also ensure that the client, architect, superintendent, and subcontractors are all on the same page as various aspects of the project evolve.

Post-Construction Services

When construction is complete, we will walk the project with our clients and discuss the homeowner’s binder, which includes product manuals, system operation instructions, emergency shutdown procedures, maintenance requirements, warranty policies and a complete suite of construction photos. As our clients settle in and we move out, our special projects division will be standing by to deliver on the promise of our warranty.


Focused on sustainability since 1986.

A commitment to efficient, sustainable building has always been a big part of the way we work. We can use our experience to help vet the practical and economic viability of a broad range of solutions that might be applicable to a given building element, as well as assist in the nuanced processes of approvals and ratings (LEED, Build It Green).

Building sustainably is an increasingly complex endeavor, but the basic goals remain the same. Over the years we have compiled an extensive knowledge base of sustainable products, systems, and technologies that we are more than happy to share. We systematically dismantle (“deconstruct”) rather than simply demolish, and prepare all materials for recycling, re-use in the project, or for donation to a network which specializes in re-purposing building materials.

Our recent projects have included low/no VOC building products, FSC-certified lumber, structural insulated panel construction insulating concrete form walls, air and geothermal heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems, intensive and extensive green roofs, rammed earth and PISE walls, pervious paving (masonry & site poured), photovoltaic power (and associated metering options), exterior shade systems (vertical and horizontal, automated and manual), rain screen facades and radiant heating/cooling.

Our Net-Zero Energy Home features a 11kW solar array and mechanized windows. The building envelope was constructed using insulating concrete forms and structural insulated panels resulting in an airtight structure ideal for maximizing thermal efficiency.