Special Projects Division

What is the Special Project Division? 
We created the Special Projects Division (SPD) to meet our clients need for assistance with smaller and unique projects.

SPD is dedicated to delivering high quality projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, upgrades to finishes, exterior work, and creative new installations.

Our Approach
With SPD we offer the same attention to detail and quality of service that you come to expect in working with us, but for smaller-scale projects.

We can also assist you with refining the project scope and budget with our value-add approach to pre-construction services. We have a large network of architects, designers, and other industry consultants to help build the right team for your project.

SPD can also respond to routine maintenance calls for your home. 

We know that the proper care and maintenance of your home is a key component to its longevity and value, and we can help.

We provide quality service, and superior craftsmanship, while maintaining a protected and clean working environment.

Special Projects Division
(415) 652-1741