Single-family residence with a combination of wood and steel for both structural elements and cladding. The clean A-frame structure of the house and flat roof garage are clad with corrugated Cor-Ten on the exterior with Larch wood paneling on walls and soffits that provide continuity between interiors and exteriors at openings in the envelope. A large concrete chimney projects from the foundations through the center of the house, serving as a centerpiece of design while separating public and private spaces. Exterior decks, outdoor terraces, and large expanses of floor-to-ceiling custom-manufactured windows take advantage of the stunning 360-degree views on-site. Interior details and site features will include a potting shed structure and garden/orchard area, bocce ball court, water features, outdoor terraces, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen with fireplace.

2021 AIA Western Mountain Region, Merit Award
2021 Residential Architect Design Awards, Merit Award
2020 AIA Wyoming, Excellence Award
2019 American Architecture Award

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