Mill Valley Modern

Demo and ground-up construction of a single-family NetZero infill home. 2,385 sf of precisely aligned, horizontally and vertically harmonious, intentionally designed living space. Every room faces the enveloping garden, with natural light filling the entire home through European steel-framed windows. Constant-run cedar planks designed to mature and metamorphose. Handmade soaking tub. Four unique stone elements featuring fossilized details. Color palette designed to celebrate the carefully curated art collection. Front public space is separated from the rear private area by a large pocketed door, effectively dividing the home in half. Three strategically planted trees, craned-in critically to create intentional shading, one planted in the middle of the deck. Solar panels servicing all the electric appliances. Handmade and finished oak floor with three different board sizes creating a dynamic pattern. Leather and fabric panels in the rooms.

Size | 2,385 SF

Architect | Gemmill Design

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