Drift Wood Residence

A new-construction, year-round vacation home was custom-built for a family to enjoy the natural beauty of West Marin, California. The home is sited on the beach, so understanding how to build on sand (instead of soil) and selecting the right materials that would withstand ongoing erosion from the ocean and salt air were both critical to the success of the project. Even in the most ideal circumstances climate can present challenges, but as this was a COVID-era project in a relatively remote location, we also faced supply chain issues and labor issues. Fortunately, we were able to draw on our decades of experience to identify solutions and work collaboratively with the geotechnical engineer, structural engineer, and subcontractors to ensure that everyone was aligned on the design vision and how we would achieve it. Our backgrounds as craftspeople and the project manager’s experience as an architect allowed our team to work in lockstep with the design team.

Size | 4,493 SF (structure), 47,767 SF (site)

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